Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021

There’s a world outside, but also inside our home.

Under this roof there’s a chaos flooded with toys, laughter that doesn’t allow the silence to enter and a galaxy of discoveries. This house becomes an enchanted kingdom, in which adventures have no limits.
None of the rooms is boring, because in their eyes nothing is as it seems!

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Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Leonor, 9 years old -
Bubble gum
Our little princess has a smile full of light. She dreams of becoming a veterinarian and to win the title of European Tennis Champion. All the animals she finds in the garden are invited to enter in our home, which outcomes several surprises!
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021

Ivan, 9 years old - T-Rex

The Indiana Jones of this house is fearless and adventurous. Addicted to dinosaur’s stories and candy gum, he dreams to have a “big and powerful” motorcycle. He aspires to become an aircraft pilot and always wins at all board games.

Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021

Tatiana, 6 anos - Pavlova

Introverted and full of dreams, our ballet dancer loves to dive into books for hours. There’s no kitchen that survives to her inventions. But I must confess that she has a great hand to work the dough! Do we have the next “Anna (of) Pavlova (s)” in here?

Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021
Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021

Carolina, 6 years old -
The Artist

She’s the soul of any party! Queen of Singstar, she loves to play the drums and wake up the whole house with her songs. Tired of listening to the song “Sim, Carolina, oi-ó-ai” whenever her name is asked, this little tomboy was born to be an artist (and what a naughty artist turned out to be as well!)

Lanidor Kids Primavera 2021

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